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Sep 14, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. he kills people for a living. unless i'm missing a big part of your life. >> 's a chamaeleon. >> no, when you finish the script and you begin the casting process, that's where it starts. i got so lucky and i thought i hit the jackpot. >> that's your job as director. you had ultimate authority of who you're casting. >> 95% of director is casting. it's really is about picking the right people and keeping the communication open with them and giving them what they need to pull this off. >> speaking of pulling this off you can go back to your movies, and "inception" where you're playing a dreamer. you were playing a killer, and now a dreamer and then in "500 days of summer," you played a lover. which one do you most identify with. >> it sounds like the rainbow connection. >> that's good. >> well, i don't know, i try to take something from every comfort, find some virtuous strength of theirs and use it for a later use. >> is that a big part of acting, habitually casing other people's consciousness and ideas. >> you have to have a lot of empathy. even the character i play in "looper." he's
Sep 21, 2012 11:00pm PDT
from the p.c.s to mobile. >> i think people have again commentators, have really underestimated the natural connection between the service that facebook offers and the growing ubiquitous i of mobile devices. facebook is all about interaction, experiences are better when you can share them with your friends or people you care about. >> that's certainly true. >> phones and mobile devices. the phone probably is the most social technology ever created if you think about it what's amazing is how successful facebook has been with a paradigm of i go out and take my pictures, i have to rush back to my computer to up load them. that's an obstacle, that's friction. well imagine how much easier it is when you can instantaneously take the picture and share it with your community. when you can look on a map and instantaneously see where your friends are nearby. when you are engaging in activity and you can share the results of that activity, you know, you haven't experienced you are at a restaurant and you can review the resta
Aug 31, 2012 10:00pm PDT
he wants to do is what happened in the 1990's on welfare reform. states figured out how can we do things better, how can you help people without undermining and destroying them. started in wisconsin in all places. medicaid florida, jeb bush had some very interesting things wellness programs and the like. i like the idea of giving people a voucher, health equivalent of a food stamp and find the doctor that can meet your needs and give the patient more control. what they are doing now is so cutting back reimbursements that tens of thousands of doctors won't see medicaid patients. change the dynamic of how things are done. remember cell phones, turning scarcity into abundance getting productivity in ways we can't think of. outsiders come in and see something that the incumbents don't see and change something radically positively. >> the issue of the fed and this i know just gets people's eyes rolling, because it's exhausting, is that, i mean where is the leadership? we've got folks out there on presidential cam pages, you were certainly one of them making this a central issue. we hav
Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm PDT
sexual icedized society. this is t*s not working for not working for women but this explains why. >> gavin: you are working around the mind vagina connection about, how is that controversial? it connects -- >> it's so funny, i wrote a book called misconceptions about the birthing industry which documented to understand of data on the brain uterus connection in childbirth that women are stressed they can't labor brain breast connection, lactation it's old news, no one was upset about it. but there is no data on the brain have volunteer gina connection when women have orgasms or even think about rewarding section dopamine, which is about motivation, initiative energy, it boosts open yates ecstasy we all know that and connection, intimacies, this is a potent cocktail, obviously, so i am making a very obvious case if you understand these positive mood states for well that are connected with women knowing about their desire and pleasure and getting it, in in whether they are in a relationship or notice, gay straight, by seeks
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4